Frequently Asked Questions

How do I determine which foam type to use?

We offer a variety of three differing, quality polyurethane foams: Seat Plus, Seat Max, and Seat Ultra. In short, there is a simple distinction them. Think of them as our "Good, Better, and Best" options. Seat Plus is good, Seat Max is even better, and Seat Ultra is the best option we carry.

The differences between each foam type boil down to density. Foam density is measured in pounds-per-cubic-foot, and it is the primary measure of durability. The higher the density, the longer the foam will last.

Once you've selected your foam type, your next decision will be in regards to Firmness. Firmness is purely a matter of preference and we often advise that it's best not to over think it. If you prefer a softer seating surface, the "SOFT" option is likely for you. If you prefer a cushion that is firmer, "FIRM" would be the way to go. For everyone in between, the "MEDIUM" option provides a perfect middle-of-the-road.


What is polyurethane foam?

Polyurethane foam is a flexible foam, made mostly of petrochemicals, that is best known for it's use in spray foam insulation, mattress tops and mattress toppers, upholstered furniture, and car seats. These are just some examples of how it is being used, but the possibilities are endless. Polyurethane foam comes in several different varieties and densities. Usually the high density foam is a little more durable, while low density polyurethane foam may degrade relatively quickly over time. Polyurethane foam, no matter what density, will not provide the same support associated with memory foam. The Polyurethane Association  has a wealth of information if you're interested in learning more. Click here to visit their website.


What is IFD?

IFD is the measure of firmness in foam. It stands for Indentation Force Deflection and it is the measure of how many pounds of pressure it takes to compress a given sample of the material to 75% of it's original height. One thing that is important to note is that firmness is NOT the same thing as foam density, nor does it relate to the quality of durability of the material. Firmness simply describes the properties of the foam, while density is ultimately the measure of quality/durability.


How long can I expect my foam to last?

Foam does not have an expiration date, but it does have a performance range in relation to weight load and use. A good high density foam should have years of life (spring) when used as primary seating under normal conditions. The conventional foam 1.8 lb density does not have the same spring as a higher density foam, but works well for a shorter high use. It also has a longer life when used as an occasion piece. Click here for a good resource to further understand foam density and how it relates to lifespan. 


Can I return my foam if I change my mind or it doesn't feel the way I had thought it would?

No, however, we will take returns if we have made a mistake. Your ordered is shipped compressed due to it's size, please open the package immediately and lay your pieces out flat to breathe and regain size. If you feel that we have miss-cut within a 1/4 inch, we will need the order returned to be measured. If we are in error we will send out your replacement as quickly as possible with free shipping and refund your return shipping charges. (e-mailing a photo of the cushion with a tape measure clearly showing the dimensions will speed up the process.) Due to the nature of custom work, it is the customer's responsibility to measure correctly. If your measurements are not accurate we can not be responsible. Contact us, however, because some mistakes are easily corrected. In the end, we strive to have satisfied customers. 


Why doesn't Seat Ultra have a soft option?

This is simply because the level of density in this material doesn't allow for softer IFD's. It is very long lasting, however, and comes in Medium, Firm, and Extra Firm varieties.


How do you ship my order?

In most cases we ship United Parcel. If you order is oversized, we compress it for shipping. It needs to be opened immediately and laid out to breathe and regain shape. For your convenience we will send you an e-mail with your tracking number when we have shipped your order.


Where can I learn more about the spray adhesive and the "Green Guard Air Quality Certification" you use to apply Dacron Fiber?


I have heard that fire retardant chemicals in foam releases PBDEs and is harmful to the environment. Is this true?

Prior to 2004, PBDEs (poly brominated dipheny ethers) were one of the most widely used flame retardants in furniture and other products. They were an environment hazard and are no longer used. Much safer products are used today.